Pairing a North Italian red with a South Italian.

Evening with the Italianos 🇮🇹
If you like your red 🍷 full bodied, bold & intense in the mouthfeel, plumy with chocolate tannins and crisp acidity in the palate...the Tiranno of 100% Malvasia Nera Grapes of South Italy is for you.
If you like all that Tiranno offers but lesser acidity, you will prefer the Ripa Magna of 100% Corvina grapes of North Italy.
Both are delicious now or can hold for a few more years.

Highly recommended.

The Tiranno Malvasia Nera 2018 is from Tinazzi's San Giorgio Vineyard in the soutern part of Italy while the Ripa Magna Corvina 2018 is from Tinazzi's Tenuta Valleselle Vineyard in the northern part of Italy.


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